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I want to thank you for taking the first step in regaining your indepence. 

This page will help you navigate our  process in receiving a service dog from All American Assistance Dogs. Please take sometime and go through the entire page, there is helpful information you should know.

THE area that we service

Applicants should live within the area of service shown above as all training is hands on and based in Auburn and Tacoma area.

Do to Covid-19, we are unable to find puppy raiser. We have to temporally suspending our puppy program. But if you have a dog that you would like us to temperament test, we are still proceeding with that part of the program.

  To down load an application, click on the apply button below. It will direct you to our PDF application.  

  Please scroll down for more  

  important information  

  about having a service dog.  

  • What is it like to have a service dog?
    Full Details
  • How do I get my dog trained to be a service dog?
    Do You Have a Dog You Want Considered for Service Dog Training? If you have a dog that you want considered to be trained through All American Assistance Dogs to be your service dog, we will do so upon receipt of your application and application fee, provided the dog is of a breed or breeds that historically have been associated with service dogs or have the personality associated with service dogs. These breeds may be great service dogs if properly socialized to people and dogs. We will temperament test and train (if they pass) the following breeds, if we are able to test these dogs before they are 5 months old. Unfortunately, we are not able to temperament test or consider for training a dog that is older than 5 months old of these breeds: German Shepherds We have found that these breeds have characteristics that AAADogs do not feel would make suitable service dogs, so AAADogs will not temperament test or train these dogs: Chihuahuas Jack Russell or Rat Terriers Pit Bulls or Staffordshire Bull Terriers Doberman Pinchers Belgian Malinois Mastiffs Cane Corsos Rottweilers If AAADogs is asked to provide service dog training for any other breed or mix of breeds of dogs that are older than 5 months old, we will gladly test that dog. The testing will involve the temperament test and also test for sociability with people and dogs; this testing will take place over a number of visits in a variety of settings.
  • What costs are associated with a service dog?
    All figured shown based on 2018 costs and past experience.
  • A letter from a veteran who has a AAA service dog
    All American Assistance Dogs came into my life after my wife’s friend had attended Race For A Soldier run 2014 and picked up a flyer. She shared it with my wife, and without me knowing, my wife sent email for an application. I was not doing well very, since my 2005 discharge from the Army. Isolated and hardly going out into the public besides quick runs to the store or for appointments, staying in deep depression and a distance with my family members as I had a hard time enjoying anything or anyone. Working with AAAD has been a blessing as they accepted me, then provided me with tools and services that help me in everyday situations I would normally avoid. I have built good relationships and they are great mentors. Debi is amazing to work with has made it so easy for me to learn as I felt comfortable. I am honored to be working with all of them. (My service dog) has been the biggest asset to my family since she has been in my life. She is a gentle, very loyal and compassionate, she initiates contact with me by a nudge or stare. (My service dog) has helped me with my anxiety & PTSD helping to keep me grounded in uncomfortable environments that I normally would have struggled in or wouldn’t have gone to prior to having her with me. She is aware of my body language whether I am asleep or high anxiety times and she can bring me back to a more normal way of being. My kids have me more in their lives, as I am getting out all the time going into and attending school events and family outings. Having (my service dog) has given me tools for my therapy I am no longer isolated, on less medications, sleep is not as bad as it was for so long, I get along better and longer with others, bad thoughts hardly ever happen. AAAD and (my service dog) have improved mine and my life, giving me hope that things can improve with me doing my part and using the tools they have given with (my service dog) by my side I couldn’t ask for a better companion or Organization. They share so much love and support for myself and my family. Disabled Veteran (name removed for privacy)
  • AAA Service Dogs Vests
    AAADogs provides all service dog-in-training and service dogs vests as long as the vet - dog team is a part of All American Assistance Dogs. Initially, the puppy is fitted with a service dog-in-training when the training progresses to the appropriate level. The, when the vet - dog team pass the Cainine Good Citizen Test and the Public Access Test , the team is given a navy blue vest that is custom made and is customized to include the additional concerns / needs of the veteran. Some of our vets require mobility straps for assistance from the dog. Additionally, the vets may choose the design of two other vests. In many cases, one is made from a camouflage shirt that represents the branch and timeframe of service. The other is generally selected to be of something that is of special meaning to the veteran. Accomodations - Service vests are modified as necessary to meet the need of the veterans. In this case, the veteran does not have mobility in their fingers so needed an easier means to connect and remove the vest from their service dog. Accomodations - In this case the veteran needed mobility assistance including support to rise to standing and while standing. A mobility strap was added to enable the service dog to provide that assistance.
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