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Who We Are

All American Assistance Dogs Foundation was founded on the belief that being involved in the process makes the end result much more rewarding.  We are here to assist our fellow veterans with regaining independence thru the use of a Service Dog whether the veteran has physical or emotional disabilities.  We also believe that bridging the gap between dependence and freedom with the use of a specially trained service dog is priceless.

 All American Assistance Dogs Foundation came together from all aspects of the Military.  From Gold Star Wives/Moms, Members of the Military, the VA Hospital, former puppy raisers as well as families with huge hearts.  At this we are all voluteers to get dogs trained and matched with soldiers with PTSD/TBI as well as physical limitations to assist them in daily life.


All American Dogs Foundation is committed to working together with veterans and their service dogs as they learn to work as a team, to increase self-sufficiency and regaining independence.  The dogs are trained to perform many services including but not limited to:


*Get help in emergencies    *Retrieving items  *Physical stability

*Emotional Stability   *Act as a barrier  *Non judgemental companion


Many disabled veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with depression; the service dog plays a crucial role in the emotional stability of the veteran; which results in lifelong companionship.  

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