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“I think there are always alternatives to medicine.  For me it was regaining my independence with the use of a service dog.  Dogs are always there when no one else is.”

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“R2 is a godsend.  AAADogs has provided me a means to train him, therefore giving me a route to a better life.  I would be truly lost without his aid.”

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“Zeke gave me a reason to wake up in the morning.  He is always there for me, keeping me relaxed and calm, comforting me as needed and never asking questions.  I would not have gotten to the point that I am without him.” 


“My dog, Guardian, is an absolute life changer that continually leads me to safety by always being by my side and always giving me his love.  Guardian has restored my positive perception of life and has demonstrated that courage is a virtue we all possess to battle life’s struggles.”

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