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the board


Co-founder/ Lead Trainer

Debi is our lead trainer and board member.  She is a certified dog trainer and AKC evaluator with 30 years of experience.  Debi owns  a private dog training business where she instructs basic puppy classes, advanced training classes, off leash classes, Canine Good Citizen and evaluator, as well as therapy dog training and evaluator.  


Debi is not only a board member but also one our founders.  Debi has a passion for Dog training and a passion for supporting our Active Military and Veterans. With those two passion combines and a shared dream from SFC Aaron McCarthy this organization was founded.

Debi is originally from California and married her childhood friend Robert Thayer.  Debi enjoys her time off with her family doing any kind of outdoor activity or just hanging out. She also spends her time off taking her pet partner therapy dog to local hospitals or Madigan Military Hospital




Wendy joined AAADogs in 2019 as a volunteer and was recently promoted to Secretary of the Board in 2020.  Wendy is a very organized, detailed individual who thrives on keeping thorough board meeting minutes and helping with fundraising events for AAADogs.  She is passionate about the mission of AAADogs and proud to be a member of the team that helps drive and execute that mission.

Wendy is a native of the PNW.  She has over 20 years of global supply chain experience.  She earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Central Washington University; one in Sociology and the other in Spanish Language.  Wendy is a creative individual who enjoys baking, crafting, and travelling to Spanish speaking countries as well as visiting her in-laws in Germany.  Wendy and her husband love dogs.  They recently had to say goodbye to their 12 year old Boxer Filou and, after some time, are finally ready to find a new furry buddy (or two).


Board member / Veteran

Tony spent 7 years in the Army deploying twice to the first Gulf War and ETS  in 1996.  Harley Quinn is his service dog. Both Tony and Harley have went through training at AAADogs. After she earned her vest and place along Tony, they have both volunteered their services towards AAADogs. They both assist the Debi in teaching and training other dogs in becoming service dogs. Harley is also the Videographer for most of the training videos. Tony is current graphics and web designer.


 Tony has BA in Graphics Design and three assosciates degrees. 

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Susan  is a Civil Engineer, safety professional and a Certified Industrial Hygienist. She works for a  forensic engineering firm. When not busy at work she is volunteering  with All American Assistance Dogs.  


Susan has a beautiful black German Shepherd service dog, Jasper. She knows what a difference dogs can make to enrich a persons' life and how intuitive and helpful they can be.  She also enjoys cooking and painting, drawing, and occasional grand travel adventures.


Vice President

SharonLee received her BA from Evergreen State College and her Masters from The University of Washington.  She retired from the City of Seattle after 23 years as a human resources professional.  She raised a daughter and visits her grandson whenever she can. 


SharonLee almost always has a dog or two or three. She has a service dog today, Chai-T, a standard poodle.  That big white poodle rides shotgun when SharonLee takes Amtrak down to Oregon to see her grandson play middle school football. 


Board Member

Karen, as a board member, represents families with PTSD, TBI and related conditions.  She facilitates 3 support groups, all attended by veterans’ spouses and each with a different emphasis (e.g., wellness, self-care, resources, and “just sharing”).  Karen tucks these activities in with her job as a parent of three pretty active children and her work with All American Assistance Dogs.  We value Karen’s experience and advice in our support of veterans and their service dogs.

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